South Central Anime Mod 1.0


Changes many signs, billboards and surfaces into popular anime styled custom textures.

Currently Alpha version and only changes a small test portion of textures since South Central is a larger portion of the map than most.

There is several alignment issues and lod issues which will be fixed as I find and update. This is a more tricky mod as the areas in South Central are more open and require more lod edits.

Changelog; Version 0.6

Add around 90 new textures, fixed a myriad of LOD and emissive issues. Fixed several alignment issues, increased resolution on several textures.

File size is now approx 173mb in size, download contains links to MediaFire and Mega to download the complete mod.

Changelog; Ver 0.7

110mb update, fixed several original alignment and LOD issues, though several stubborn ones remain and hopefully will be correct soon. Added more than 70 new custom textures, many are HD textures complete with emissive files (night lighting)

Ver 0.8

Added 130mb update, fixed many texture issues. Added a large amount of extra custom textures, new billboards and signs.

Current issues, seems to be a strange issue with one of the restaurant textures only working at night but not during the day, even thought the files are in place and should work, hopefully next update I can locate and fix this issue.

Version 1.0

Due to being busy for a while with various projects and illness, it took a long time to get this update so I combined several updates and push the version directly to 1.0. Almost all the files that I could easily manipulate and change in the south central have been animed' up now and any future updates will most likely be bug fixes.

This update contains nearly 200mb of updates and a few fixes. Contains many HD texture updates, and a few new tricks to make some really interesting anime artwork to Los Santos.

How to install this mod ~

Launch OpenIV
Press EDIT MODE in OpenIV

Go to GTA V/x64k.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/scentral_01/Sc1_01.rpf 1_02..etc
Drag & drop files

Repeat for other folders
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