Snoop Dogg Billboards [OIV]

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--------> Thank you for using this mod! Created by: Grim


Included in Download:
- OIV Package
- Readme

--------> How to Install

1) Drag SDBbyGrim.oiv onto your Desktop.

2) Open OpenIV and go to the Package Installer. Select SDBbyGrim, then click Download and select if you want to use the MODS folder.

Enjoy! (:

Using the mods folder is highly encouraged.

Known Bugs:
- None at the moment

- Billboard is viewable from any distance.
- Won't return to normal texture.
- 3 Pictures of Snoop Dogg.
- Replaces Hookah Palace textures.


I appreciate you checking the mod out. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or join the Discord.

In the rare case that my file/mod breaks your game, I may NOT be held responsible for it. The author (me) can not be charged, sued, or fined if your game breaks, lags, or has bugs. Although, if you do have bugs or issues with the mod, feel free to join the Discord or ask in the comments.
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