Simply Sharp GTAV (ReShade) 1.75


These settings have been tweaked by ubtri
(my youtube | my facebook).

  • Video of latest update in action
  • Click here to see side-by-side comparison video

  • UPDATE: 1.75 - Removed Bloom & HDR, lowered sharpness amount just a bit.
    UPDATE: 1.5 - General tweaks to sharpness and tonemap, also enabled HDR and Bloom.

    These settings add a subtle sharpness to textures while removing the "milky overlay" that plagues the stock/vanilla graphics of GTA V. Use 'Pause/Break' key to disable the effects during load screens; loading screens will lag while reshade is enabled. This is an issue with the reshade.dll injection which is out of my control!

    Thanks to the ReShade team (Crosire, Marty McFly) for developing these tools!

  • Tonemap
  • Sharpening
  • SMAA

  • .
    In-Game: Turn ON FXAA & turn OFF SMAA for better performance with these settings.

    Simply copy the contents into your main GTAV installation directory. Pause/Break toggles it On/Off.

    For ReShade updates, or to try other dll versions, please visit
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