Security Contract - Missions pack [MissionMaker] 1.3



About mod
This mod adds missions from gta online the contract dlc to single player gameplay.
Simple trainer by sjaak327
Mission Marker by aimless
Open all interiors by NewTheft
1.extract the Security contract mission pack folder
2.Go to MissionMarker folder located at Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/
3.Copy files from Security contract mission pack folder
4.Paste them to missions folder at Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/MissionMarker
5.Run the game
6.In game press F10 and select mission
All missions are quite similar to the gta online missions the contract dlc but not all missions are 100% due to MissionMarker limitations.
Mission Marker .9.5.2 by Aimless
Open All Interiors v5.1 by NewTheft
bags not present yet.
1.1 - Previews have been added.
1.2 - 3 new missions have been added and the mission settings have been improved.\
1.3 - 1 new mission was added.
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