Sean "Sweet" Johnson Voice Pack 1.0


I have decided take it upon myself to make some voice clips for the Voice Player Addon mod. This gives whatever character I have added to my GTA V more personality and makes playing as them more believable now that I got them talking.

One of Grove Street's top gang members, Sean "Sweet" Johnson, has come to say a few to words to anyone that opposes to him. Gave him a voice pack when I downloaded him and now you can enjoy Sweet giving his enemies a little vocabulary lesson. BTW, mods that I used for this video will be provided down below. I do NOT take any credit for the scripts that I am using. Credit goes to these guys: stillhere, Meth0d, Legendario9991 & EZEKIEL_RN, aimless, CamxxCore, EnforcerZhukov.

Links Here
Voice Player:

Addon Peds:

Sean "Sweet" Johnson Model:

Build a Mission:

Realistic Reload:


Accuracy Fix:


Custom Weapon Animations:
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