Realism Remastered (ReShade preset) 4.2


[Screenshots are compressed to 60 percent of their original resolution for upload size limitations , they look better than the uploaded images]

Update 4.2:-
Removed MXAO
Reduced clarity
Adjusted SMAA.

Update 4.1:-
Decreased Contrast
Increased brightness

Update 4.0:-
Reworked colour.
Removed Blue-ish nature of the preset .
Adjusted sharpening to be more realistic .
Readjusted brightness , exposure and contrast.

Update 3.0:-
Rebalanced colours ,
Adjusted exposure and brightness
Now works will all Graphics Enhancement mods(NVR , MVGA , VisualV , etc)
Brings the game as close to NVR as possible.
FiveM compatible.

Update 2.0:-
Reworked the whole mod with Natural Vision Remastered mod .
Now people with NVR installed can bring their GTA 5 upto a whole new level with this mod.
Will be uploading UHD screenshots soon.
Tell me what you think about this mod in the comment section below.

Update 1.3:-

This update brings ReShade up-to a new level of realism , what you see in game is what would have existed in rel life.

The new update of the preset makes your GTA 5 as realistic as possible , and just like real life , smooth as it will ever be.
the fps drop is 1-2 at maximum .

The colours have been readjusted to be as close to as real life .


Have spent a lot of time on this preset update , hope you like it .
If you have any suggestions/complaints please tell me below.
If you enjoy using the preset , please leave a like .

Update 1.2:-
Better performance guaranteed . Nothing else.

Update 1.1:-
Reworked With 1920x1080p resolution.
Better performance with all seasons.
Better reflections.

How to install:-
Download and install ReShade installed -
Copy and Paste the included file(.ini) in your main game directory
Once the game is loaded , press the home key . Select SEAL3.0 from the drop down menu in the reshade options .

What i have installed to enhance graphics :-

M.V.G.A graphics mod
High-Very High Settings

You are welcome to upload a video.
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