SceneDirector v2944 [FIVEM/SP] [Updated] 2944


This version of scene director supports both GTA V and FIVEM

For FIVEM Version just drag and drop in FIVEM APPLICATION DATA --> PLUGINS (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\FiveM\\plugins)

For GTA V paste it in GTA V story mode Directory

-> This mod is same as elsewhere's GTA V scene director but it supports upto Version 2944 (Build Number updated).

-> press F10 to start

-> For fivem version after cloning and adding the clone to actors, just toggle the "Scene Mode" to Setup/Active to stop the clone from moving away.

Scene Director is a mod for GTA V specifically aimed at Director Mode and Rockstar Editor. It will allow you to set up a movie shot by yourself and should hopefully contribute to some new awesome movies. It can also be heaps of fun if you just want to play around.

supports all builds of GTA V until 2944.

Source available at:

For Story Mode Requires Scripthook V. Copy SceneDirector.asi into game directory and use.

For FIVEM version the Server has to have scripthook enabled.

--->"sv_scripthookallowed 1"must be in server config.

--->If it doesn't work with latest build use this line in server config: set sv_enforceGameBuild 2xxx (It can be 2189,2372,2545,2612,2699,2944 Eg: "set sv_enforceGameBuild 2612" )
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