Realistic Blood FX 1.6



This blood mod is a mix of Improvement's in Gore and other blood mods. It's a more Hollywood realism and would look good in edits and videos like that. Any issues and suggestions are welcomed in the comments. This mod works very well with More Gore by IAmJFry

Basic Features
-Accurate wound sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Accurate blood pool sizes
-Accurate splatter sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Removed blood mist from body shots
-Smaller and more realistic blood mists on headshots
-Realistic melee damage
-Realistic soaking times (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Realistic body splatter sizes

Blood is very bright under certain circumstances, looking at how to fix this.

Changelog 1.6
New: textures, soaking, pools, splatter.
Added: Simple melee damage (will be expanded in future updates), more splatter on pistol and ar headshots (doesn't work for snipers or shotguns will be fixed), accurate blood color (changes under lighting and clothing material, GTA issue not mod issue), blood mist on powerful caliber hits.

Bravercoolio Wound and Splatter Textures

Carneth Smecher Blood Pools Textures

GalaxyHighMarshall Blood Pools and Splatter Textures
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