Real-Life Remodeled House for Aunty


Franklin's aunty's pad just got swanked the f*ck out. Yeah, she's in da hood, but the entire interior of her house, just got featured in Better Homes and Gardens, it's so swanky. New coats of paint, new hardwood floors, new wood finishing for her furniture, new tile on the fireplace, new linoleum floors, countertops, walls, refrigerator for the kitchen, new wallpaper, new area rugs, new carpeting for Frank's room, new framed wall hangings, pizzahut carryout menu on the fridge, other things I cannot remember.


Launch OpenIV, and click "edit mode". Follow the path of the enclosed files, and drag and drop to their respective locations.

Make sure to stay up to date with my updates and texture packs - I usually update something or release new sets of textures either every day or every other day.
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