ProjectViking - A Danish GTA V DLC - [OIV] 1.0


ProjectViking - A Danish GTA V DLC
ProjectViking is a Danish DLC which replaces textures on various police stations, egermency uniforms for vanilla/EUP and adding danish emergency vehicles

ProjectViking adds a new folder in openiv in which you can find the uniforms and vehicles
You will need:
EUP 7,4
EUP 7,5
>OpenIV Team
>Asser90 for creating the DLC, adding danish police signs on policestations and skins for some of the EUP uniforms
>AchillesDKPoliceMods for creating danish police vehicle mods
>Alex_Ashfold for creating EUP
How To Install
> Open OpenIV
> Tools
>Package Installer
>Find ProjectViking
>Click Install
A new folder in dlcpacks should appear
More updates for ProjectViking and this description will come
Thanks for downloading
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