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This is a mod for dispatch.meta. It replaces the police spawns with North Yankton State Patrol ones.

The NYSP esperanto spawns with 2 state troopers inside them.
The NYSP ranger spawns with 2 N.O.O.S.E. units inside them.

The driver of a esperanto squad car carries a combat pistol.
The passenger of an Emperor/Both N.O.O.S.E. units in a Ranger carry:
20% chance pump shotgun/40% chance SMG/40% chance Carbine Rifle

The Spawns:
1 star
1 NYSP esperanto - 2 state troopers

2 stars
2 NYSP esperanto - 4 state troopers

3 stars
4 NYSP esperanto - 8 state troopers

4 stars
5 NYSP Vehicles - 10 state units
67% chance of spawning a NYSP esperanto
33% chance of spawning a NYSP Ranger

5 stars
7 NYSP Vehicles - 14 state units
50% chance of spawning a NYSP esperanto
50% chance of spawning a NYSP Ranger

I made this mod to use together with:
Travel to North Yankton mod v1.0 - by NewTheft

His mod features the ability to fly to NY and free roam the map, with working traffic, but replacing the LSPD units wasn't possible yet through scripting so I made this, for the long sessions players may have in NY.

To install, use OpenIV to navigate to:
In there replace the dispatch.meta.
Then go to /update/update.rpf/common/data/ai
In there replace loadoats.meta.
Thats it, enjoy.
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