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This wip was started after using Ripplers Realism mod. I wanted to create something that added a challenge to driving off road and in muddy areas (Marsh south of Fort Zancudo/Dirt Track amongst various other places) unless the vehicle was an offroad vehicle. This mod also works on adding a bit of a challenge to driving on wet roads and puddles as well. I also wanted to modify shoot outs in a way that some materials were penetrable, as IRL.

Changes from 1.0

  • Modified sand, mud, marsh values to reduce sliding and increase tire drag
  • Modified snow and Ice values
  • Modified penetration values of car metal and various other metals.

Features (WIP):

  • Vehicles that are not off-road capable will have trouble traversing muddy terrain, marshes and other off-road areas. This includes getting stuck, which adds value to the use of the Tow truck. (which at the moment I've found out will also get stuck)
  • Vehicles sink into muddy areas.
  • Reduced traction to driving in grass, sand and other non-paved surfaces.
  • Increased noisiness of certain materials in relation to stealh values (rumble strips, pot-holes, etc)
  • Players and peds have a harder time running through muddy areas

Features for Penetration Materials

  • Bullets penetrate vehicles. Still WIP on getting penetration resistance to bullets down
  • Bullets penetrate other materials, such as plastic, hollow metals, cardboard boxes
  • Reduced glass resistance for certain types of glass. For example, glass classified as "weak" is less resistant to bullets than glass classified as "Strong". By default, R* had all the values the same


To Install, Navigate to your mods Folder. Navigate to Update/update/common/data/materials and replace "materials.dat".

This is still a WIP and will be updated as time allow. If at any time you don't like the mod, simply replace it with he default materials.dat outside of your "mods" folder. If youre using a custom "materials.dat", I would advise to use a program like notepad++w to manually modify the lines so nothing breaks.
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