Mean 'n Clean (graphics preset) 1.2


-new timecycle mod: VisualV 1.0.050 by _CP_, robi29. ( highly recommended download for this preset.)
-revised 70% of values focusing on a natural sunny weather feel with realistic lighting.

A Sweet Fx and ENB combo that doesn't change much of the games original color but adds some punch to the tone and saturation. I switched off bloom for this preset, I think it looks cleaner ( less powdery ) and more realistic without it.

I recommend using your monitor in SRGB mode since the standard/default monitor mode may make the game look oversaturated. If your monitor does not have an SRGB option you can open up the SweetFX_settings.txt file and change this value: #define Saturation -0.200
You should try around -0.250, -0.300 or higher even, hit save and see if this looks better. All monitors and calibrations are different so experiment with this value to get the right saturation for your taste.

credits: SweetFX by, ReShade by Crosire, OpenIV team, Dr.Awesome, Marty McFly, Boris Vorontsov, _CP_, robi29


1. Download VisualV here:
Follow the instructions in the readme.txt to install the update.rpf folder but NOT the ENB settings folder.

2. Download the "ReShade + SweetFX 2.0" at
Move the SweetFX folder, ReShade64.dll, Sweet.fx, ReShade.fx into your root GTA V folder.

3. Download the latest ENB from and move all the files from the wrapper folder into your root GTA V folder

4. From my folder (mean n' clean) go into the SweetFX folder and copy the SweetFx_settings.txt and paste it into the SweetFx folder in your GTA 5 game directory, say yes to copy over that file with the same name.

Now you can start the game!, the scroll lock key will toggle the effect/mod on and off. I recommend the in game brightness be set to around 40 %.

Do not run Fraps as it tends to crash the game sometimes.
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