Maze Bank Animated Ad 1.0


Crisis? What "Crisis"? Lessons? What "Lessons"?
In MAZE BANK we believe in opportunity! We leave behind all the things which separate us (like that the profits are ours, the debts are yours) and move forward to the only thing which connects us: Spend TODAY, Pay TOMORROW! The American Way!
Think Smart! Think Fast! Call TODAY and have the house of your American Dream TOMORROW!

This is a texture mod for rojo_snd's excellent mod:
Ever wondered where are those foreclosure properties come from?...

-In the satirical spirit of GTA!
-With fitting in design and colors!
-Perfect for the Maze Bank Tower location!
-Two options to choose from!
-Easy installation!
-No questions asked!

Installation instructions and links to my other mods in the read me file.

***Happy New Year to Everyone with Health & Happiness***
Thank you for downloading! Enjoy!

Make mods-Not wars
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