Los Santos: Global Offensive (Mission Pack for NOoSE & Herbsman Custom Missions Mods) v2


This is a mission pack for Guadmad's mod "NOoSE: National Office of Security Enforcement" and Herbsman Custom Missions Mod. This pack includes new missions for the mod, set on some iconic places of Los Santos.

  • Ver. 2: Two new missions: Trevor's Nightmare for NOoSE, and Vagos Assault for Herbsman Custom Missions.
  • Ver. 1: first releasement. Two first missions: Vagos Assault and Grove Street, for NOoSE Mission.

Mission List
  • Vagos Assault for Herbsman Custom Missions: the Ballas-Vagos war is on. The next Ballas movement is fighting against the Vagos-Aztecas on the Vespucci Beach alley. Features 6 entrypoints.
  • Trevor's Nightmate for NOoSE: the team takes part on a mission to take down Trevor Philips Industries, attacking his meta lab. Bomb defuse mode supported, featuring 3 entrypoints.
  • Vagos Assault for NOoSE: a terrorist group is on the Vespucci Beach alley, where time ago Franklin and Lamar were fighting the Vagos gang to take Simeon's bike on the Repossession mission. Bomb defuse mode supported, featuring 8 entrypoints.
  • Grove Street for NOoSE: other terrorist group has taken Grove Street. The NOoSE team is deployed there to remove them from there, while the local gangs may do the same... Bomb defuse mode supported, featuring 4 entrypoints.

Known Issues
  • Sometimes, or more like usually, the NOoSE missions won't end since some enemies dissapear, spawn under map, run away or do something unknown that prevent them to be shooted. This is some kind of bug related with the NOoSE script (although the missions have the Area setting configured). Herbsman Custom Missions maps doesn't have that problem.
  • Maybe, i placed some bombs on some difficult-to-find zones. I'll read your feedback about this and other things you can say about the missions.

Future Ideas
  • Design more missions for both mods, on different, epic and original locations.

For NOoSE Missions, the last NOoSE Mod and all the plugins and extras this mod requires:
For Herbsman Custom Missions, the last Custom Missions Mod and all the plugins and extras this mod requires:

Installation and uninstallation
  • For NOoSE missions: place the XML files on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/NOOSEMissions, and start the mod as always, then look for the new missions (Herbsman's mod missions have a marked location on the map, with a green gun icon). To remove the missions, just delete their XML files.
  • For Herbsman Custom Missions: copy the two folders provided (Families and Missions) on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts. To remove the missions, just delete their XML files. Families files only specifies the characters used on the missions.
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