Lamborghini Aventador V12 Engine Sound 1.00


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Description :
This mod replaces the Tempesta's sound by a Lamborghini V12 one.
It can be used on any car by changing the audioNameHash to TEMPESTA in the appropriate vehicles.meta.
For example, it can be used on Vans123's 2015 Lamborghini Aventador
I hope you'll enjoy it !

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Installation :
- Extract "Lamborghini Aventador V12 Engine"
- Using OpenIV, replace tempesta.awc and tempesta_npc.awc in Grand Theft Auto V\(mods)\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpimportexport\dlc.rpf\x64\audio\sfx\dlc_importexport\
- Enjoy the sound of the V12

If you want to use it with YCA-y97y's 2015 Nissan GTR :
- Go to Grand Theft Auto V\(mods)\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpbusiness2\common\data\levels\gta5\ and extract vehicle.meta, then open it.
- Find the line containing "audioNameHash" and replace the line with <audioNameHash>TEMPESTA</audioNameHash>
- Save the file and put it back in its original location

Changelog :
- Version 1.00 : Initial release.

Please do not reupload the mod without my permission.
You can use it it videos without my authorization, but please mention it in the description.
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