IMMERSION Graphics Mod - SinglePlayer & FiveM (+ VFX5.0)


Hello ! Thank you for coming to this page :D
If friends of yours wish to have this graphics mod, please give them the gta5mods link or discord link, it can really help me to make myself known in the world of modding :)

Description : This is my first graphic mod made in 2022. It was made in collaboration with Venkey and Killaa. First available on Patreon, I decided to make it free on GTA5Mods for a wider audience.
It's not the best graphics pack but if you want something new then don't hesitate to test it.
IMMERSION is a graphic modification. By changing several visuals for a better rendering. Inspired of many game and pictures, it makes the game experience more immersive.

Installation : Inside the package (including the SinglePlayer version and FiveM version)
Uninstallation : There is no ".oiv" uninstallation file unfortunately, what I recommend is only to make a backup of your "mods" folder before installing Immersion

Credits :
VFX 5.0 by Venkey / Fantasy (
FiveM conversion by Killaa
Discord :
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