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- Changed settings.xml and created a commandline
- Removed all modded files so it will work in online too.
- With these settings, I easily ran 60 fps on an AMD Radeon HD 6570 and about 30 to 35 fps on Intel HD Graphics 3000

- Rebuilt the mod
- Added separate folders for FiveM and GTA 5
- Did all the timecycles and removed fog, bloom, noise, and lowered Far Clip
- Lowered LOD Distances

-Updated the mod
-retweaked visualsettings.dat
-retweaked settings.xml

-Redone the mod
-Removed timecycle mod
-Fully functional gameconfig.xml for better faster rendering

-Temporarily Removed gameconfig.xml
-Minor Tweaks in timecycle

-A few minor tweaks to Clear Timecycle
-A few minor tweaks to settings.xml
-Resolution set back to default 800x600

-Changed Resolution to 512x384
-Re-edited Gameconfig to disable some effects. Procobj, decals, etc
-Removed fog density in foggy weather with FarClip 50
-Removed WaterReflection and Sky HDR

-Fixed transparent trains, and large vehicles.

-Removed First Person Motion Blur
-Removed Lens Flare
-Reduced Skyplane multipliers
-Decreased MoonDimMultiplier
-Decreased NextGenModifier to 1/2 scale
-Decreased distantlight intensity
-Removed Camera Blur Effects when killed or busted
-Removed CloudEdgeSmoothness
-Removed height based reflection map

-Rewritten gameconfig.xml to prevent crashing
-Rewritten hbaosettings.xml to prevent instability.
-Gained a couple more FPS

-Added 320x240 resolution support
-Tuned the transparent vehicles issue some more.

-Tuned the transparent vehicles problem.

-Remade the whole mod, improvement in fps and stability

-New settings.xml
-Rearranged gameconfig.xml, categorized as EXPERIMENTAL
-Custom Lowered LOD Distances, making certain things blocky looking, increases fps by 10%
-Now can run more smooth with those who have only 2GB Ram Minimum

-More modded prop files in update>x64
-Updated Readme.txt
-Removed files causing game to corrupt

-W.I.P Modified props files in update>x64
-More FPS Tweaks

(v4,4) Hotfix Update!
-Set 1/2 frame scaling in settings.xml to simulate 400x300 resolution when in 800x600 fullscreen mode. Improves fps by 5%

-Fixed To Dark Night and too Bright Days
-Fixed windowed mode issues
-Rewritten visualsettings.dat and gameconfig.xml to proper values for less crashing
-This Update Gains another 5 more fps

-New Gameconfig.xml file, decreases ram used by game and disables the following features...
-Now supports those with 2GB ram

-Fixed Black & White, increased Desaturation to make it look a little better
-Lowered Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion Distance in hbaosettings.xml
-Disabled all values in terraintessellation.xml
-Disabled Rain Effects and certain postfx in Clearing Weather

-Disabled Cloud Warp, and the high quality clouds
-Disabled Exposure
-Disabled Desaturation
-Changed some car headlight settings
-New Settings.xml for people with 2GB ram.

-Disabled Explosion Effects
-Decreased Far Clip Distances in all snowy weathers in which should improve the fps for the prologue and The Return to Ludendorff Mission.

-Disabled Rain Particles
-Decreased heightReflect in rain

(v3.0) The Big FPS Fix!
-Added Custom Resolution of 320x200
-Added a few more weather presets for different far clip distances, see bottom of readme
-Fixed Most Game Crashes and glitches
-Made game use lesser CPU and Ram Usage by maybe 5%

-Fixed some Game Crashes
-Adjusted Day and Night brightness
-Fully Transparent vehicles is now fixed
-Updated Readme

(v2.2) QuickFix Update!
-Added Far Clip Mod to Extra Sunny Weather preset.
-Some performance tweaks.

-Increased Far Clip to 350
-Disabled some Grass LOD Settings
-Tweaked around with the vehicle lights night/day values
-Work In Progress for Props Removal

-Decreased Far Clip Distance to 200.
-Fixed invisible trucks, helicopters and trains.
-procobj's deleted or less dense, This will include ground litter and weeds and 3d grass.
-First Pass on removing Props like vegetation, due to the 100MB Limit for now we will be uploading it to mediafire.

-Added a timecycle mod, only one modded weather so far as this part is just being worked on. Change weather to Clear using a trainer or mod menu.
-Decreased Far Clip to 500, original is 10000, don't know why but this function is not working ingame.
-Turned off Water Reflection and Global Reflection.
-Disabled Occlusion and DoF.
-New materials>procedural.meta file, this file we removed all weeds, grass, and ground detail like trash and littered garbage on streets or atleast lowered density of them.

-Decreased the intensity of Lights
-Decreased the range lights are seen as this can drop fps a tiny bit due to the far rendering.
-Possibly, lower view distance making fps a bit more stable.

-Fixed Invisible /transparent vehicles
-Fixed Ped LOD Distance
-Decreased Number of Rain Particles and disabled some heightmap reflection.

////Owner and Producer of this awesome mod is Cody196 and he put alot of effort
into helping those with low end pc's that run GTA 5 poorly, and want to get the
most they can get. Feel free to check out my YouTube, and links I've provided.
I will continue this mod as long as i can and will read everyones comments
and suggestions. Thank you all so much for the support.\\\\

This mod is intended to help improve the
framerate for those with low end pc's that
have the following specs...

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz or more

RAM: 2GB Minimum

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000, 2500, 3000,
4000, 4400, 4600, 5000, AMD Radeon HD
3000, 4000, and 6000 series aswell as
Intel GMA x4500 or 4600MHD

This mod includes the following features

-Disabled Bloom [Barely Noticeable]
-LOD Fade Distance lowered, making certain
objects like ground detail transparent or
-Water Color and transparency changed
-Modified Settings.xml
-Far Clip Distance decreased dramatically
-Some Props model like vegetation removed or turned into LOD textures.


1. Download OpenIV 2.6 @

2. Run OpenIV and go to GTA 5 Directory

3. Open Update folder then select update.rpf

4. Install ASI Plugin that pops up in app

5. Open common folder then data folder

6. Drag visualsettings.dat and all the files and folders into that folder,
replace old ones with the new ones.

7. Open up x64 folder in update folder where update.rpf is located and drag all contents of
that folder into yours. Please note that this part of the mod is for disabling props and is
in the process of Work In Progress, you may expect the game to auto update, this is because
the launcher recognizes a modified game archive and it will assume the game is not updated
or is corrupted so it updates to rewrite the original update game files and in which could
screw up your game...

8. Open up Documents then browse to Rockstar
Games\GTA V and then replace or place settings.xml

9. Close OpenIV and all Done!


Before FPS Min: 8
After FPS Min: 14
Before FPS Max: 29
After FPS Max: 63
Before FPS Avg: 13
After FPS Avg: 25

Benchmark Tested on Intel HD Graphics 3000
with Intel Core i3 2330m ~ 2.2ghz and 8GB Ram

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