Dispatch of Variety 2.0.1



1.0.0 (07-17-2017)
  • Initial release

1.0.1 (07-18-2017)
  • Added IVPack support
  • Restored the original riot vehicle
  • Fixed livery on annihilator2, now it's alike to the original variant, and fits more to the lore
  • Fixed the color and badge for the SAHP Maverick in order to fit more to the lore

2.0.0 (07-20-2017):
  • Rewrote the entire dispatch.meta for optimization and for support on what is yet to come
  • Overhauled the sea dispatch; Rebalanced the spawns, SWAT & Army should be part of the chase now through the dinghy
  • Rebalanced the helicopter spawns
  • Added buzzers on the air dispatch, owned by the FIB and the Army
  • Replaced the SAHP logo on the cars, heli, and bike to a more defined, and lore-friendly one, special thanks to Unmutual for lending it to me
  • Replaced the pistol with a Micro SMG for the sea dispatches
  • Fixed Army Roadblocks not appearing for the IVPack version
  • For the IVPack version, added back Lundy's merit to replace the IVPack merit in the dispatch to fit better on the lore for immersion

2.0.1 (07-21-2017)
  • Added the ability for the vanilla APC to fire, much like how APC2 is in the IVPack version, special thanks to Cass for letting me implement the trick used in APC Driver Turret on this mod


If not using the IVPack version, you'd need the latest version of:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V: v1.0.1103.2, to be specific (as of the time of release)
  2. OpenIV
  3. World of Variety
  4. Total Cop Overhaul

If using the IVPack version, you'd need the latest version of:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V: v1.0.1103.2, to be specific (as of the time of release)
  2. OpenIV
  3. IVPack
  4. World of Variety
  5. Total Cop Overhaul


After weeks and weeks of trying to get the perfect dispatch, it's finally ready for release. It is more of a community effort, rather than a solo work. Everything will strictly be done natively, get along well with the lore, and absolutely scriptless.

This is the official expansion pack for the famous World of Variety by Cass, developed by me, with help by various modders in the community (See contributors section).

Dispatch of Variety aims to deliver a fun, action-packed wanted level experience, whilst staying true to the structure of the lore, World of Variety, and Total Cop Overhaul on enhanced spawns via diversity.

It has be thoroughly tweaked for your survival without godmode on, but level 5 will be a challenge. Avoid driving cars when you see an army helicopter, or perhaps a rhino lurking about, otherwise, gg.

Feedback is always and warmly welcome as it is essential to take this mod's progression further. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Pirated versions of the game are not, and will never be supported.


- Added lore-friendly vehicles
- Added lore-friendly pedestrians
- Added color variations for certain vehicles
- Action-packed, varied chases
- Enhanced loadouts for diversity and immersion for the law enforcement
- Longer duration/Better transitions for each wanted level (In order for you to enjoy the diversity)
- Ambient spawns of law enforcement in appropriate areas, including the added vehicles
- You're meant to survive


Cass - This mod is built around World of Variety. He encouraged me to make the mod, helped test, gave suggestions, and helped tweak the popcycle for ambient spawns and add black as a new color variation for the APC.

CP - Gave permission to edit files from IVPack for compatiblity, and immersion.

Olanov - Huge thanks to this guy. Tested, helped me get in touch with his friends below, as well as bug fixing, and gave suggestions. In short, the mod won't make it to release the way it is now without him. He also openly gave permission to include his Added Detectives mod.

Custo - Special thanks to this man, for sharing his knowledge on a few things, and showed no hesitation on giving me permission to use his mods. I'd thank him

Total Cop Overhaul
FIB Kuruma
Tactical Package for NOOSE Annihilator

Lundy - Gave his share of ideas, and knowledge on the lore, also gave me permisssion to include his mods, quite specifically:

Vapid Sheriff Interceptor
Declasse Rancher - Los Santos County Sheriff
Declasse Merit - LSPD Police Patrol
Vapid Stanier - Unmarked Police Cruiser
NOOSE Vapid Stanier & Mammoth Patriot
Vapid Stanier - San Andreas Highway Patrol

Unmutual - Openly gave permission to include NOOSE Patriotism & Immigration Authority Pack in the pack. He also lent me a new higher definition logo for the SAHP.

Netman - Openly gave permission to make use of the unreleased updated versions of his SAHP Added cars mod.

Yard1 - Openly allowed permission for inclusion with his mods, specifically:

Police Maverick Mapped
HVY Insurgent Mapped Default-Style
Unarmed Annihilator with Rappel
Better Police Weapon Loadouts

11john11 - Gave permission to include his Brute Pony - 90s LSFD Ambulance

Guncharted78 - Openly gave permission to include his Firetruck - Heavy rescue vehicle

Aziz Kuchkarov - Openly gave permission to include his Military Mammoth Patriot

Rippler - Helped with sharing his knowledge on the metas.

NefariousBonne - Entertained my numerous questions, helped get me permission from Dila a few months back.

Dilapidated - Was generous enough to lend me some values from RDE.


As seen above, this mod consists of work from various mod makers, so permissions to redistribute is quite a complicated thing.
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