[Chainsaw man Script] MK1 Baraka SFX for Chainsaw man script 1.2


Changelog 1.3: extended idle
Changelog 1.2: fix some of the voice lines

i think Baraka SFX for Chainsaw man script would be cool, so i made this
first, you need to download the script here :
next put the sfx in : ChainsawMan script files/Sounds
if you want the sound without replacing the original file, put it in a new folder (rename it baraka or smth you want) inside the sounds folder
it would be like this:
ChainsawMan script files/Sounds/Baraka

then put the original file to the baraka folder and override it with the new SFX and most IMPORTANTLY: edit your suit file's soundsfolder to this:
done, now you can have fun with tarkatan commiting mass murder
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