British Building Society - Nationwide (SP & FiveM Ready) [WIP] 1.1

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This mod converts the existing bank into a British high street Building Society - "Nationwide". This also changes the billboard advertisement to an advert seen in the UK, launched by Nationwide.

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- Building textures and colours changed.
- Nationwide logo is clearly displayed in the correct locations.
- Colour scheme is realistic, keeping to the newer store colours.
- Lights still function at night, for any last-minute ATM use.

Bugs: Some lower quality textures identified, have been submitted for a V2 update.

This is a work in progress modification and any bugs/feedback will be happily received in the comments section. The aim of this modification is to improve realism throughout British servers and single player games, particularly FiveM.

FiveM: (Server side)
1. Drag and drop the "BritishBank" folder into your server directory > cfx-server-data-master > resources.
2. In "server.cfg" add a new entry: "start BritishBank", this will start the resource.

Single Player: (Gta)
1. Open OpenIV (Activate "Edit Mode")
2. Go to mods > x64m.rpf > levels > gta5 > _cityw > santamon_01 > sm_18.rpf
3. Replace both files

In the future I plan to develop more British related content similar to the mod seen here, which will improve realism for British players!

© 2020 - London Studios - Do not redistibute, modify/change or reupload without my obtained permission. This may be used on public/private FiveM servers and used in videos published to websites, however the source files should not be redistributed. This is for non-commercial use.
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