All Online survivals for "GTA Online Survivals" mod 1.0


A mod I had in development hell for a year, this mod adds the rest of the GTA Online survivals that JustDancePC didn't add in his "GTA Online Survivals" mod. While also improving existing ones.
And as a added bonus, I also have the survival maps (mission props) that you see when playing these survivals in Online.

Link to mod itself:

Forest Survival (weapons nerfed)
Glass Heroes Survival
Industrial Plant Survival
Quarry Survival
Railyard Survival (Vagos instead of LSPD)
Scrapyard Survival (Families instead of Ballas)
Shipyard Survival (Basically the Project 4808A survival, but with alien stuff removed)
Stab City Survival
Vespucci Canals Survival
Zancudo Survival (vehicle spawns nerfed)

Junkyard Survival (now renamed "Boneyard Survival" with the O'Neils instead of Lost MC)
Cayo Perico Mansion Survival (redid weaponary for enemies)
Desert Alien Survival (now renamed "Beam Me Up Survival" with the enemies are random hippies, with the Fooliganz appearing in later waves)
Del Perro Pier Survival (Lost MC instead of Vagos)
Grove Street Survival (all spawns redone)
Halloween Survival (now renamed "Farmhouse Survival" with the enemies being the O'Neils)
Kortz Survival (survival area relocated)
Maibatsu Motors Survival (all spawns redone)
Maze Bank Survival (LSPD instead of Marabunte Grande)
Meth Lab Survival (Aztecas instead of O'Neils)
Nuclear Silo Survival (enemies now use MK2 weapons)
El Burro Heights Survival (now renamed "Processed Survival" and everything is more varied)
Sawmill Plant Survival (O'Neils instead of Triads)
Vanilla Unicorn Survival (now renamed "Underpass Survival", Merryweather are in later waves, and the survival area was moved to the underpass itself)

Bunker Survival (interior survivals aren't that good imo)
Cargo Survival (enemy spawns are too far away from main survival area)
Construction Survival (too many camping spots and no good spawn points for enemies)
Industrial Zone Survival (interior makes survival easy and enemies forget you when inside)
Rancho Survival (might bring back with the Duggans as enemies)
Police Station Survival (impound lot entrance makes survival easy)
Cayo Perico Survival (area is too small and with little cover)
Altruist Camp Survival (area is too small and very linear for both enemies and vehicles)
Legion Square Survival (area itself is very open with no cover and enemy spawns are hard to do)
Sandy Survival (loads of camping spots and doesn't flow well)

Place the files in the "SurvivalsData" folder, make sure to remove the original survival files in the "Survivals" folder, and put the new ones in.
After that, you're good to go!

And for the survival maps, place those in the "Spooner" folder, which is in your menyooStuff folder, located in your GTA V directory. To have them placed is via the "Object Spooner" section in the menu.

After that, just load in and enjoy!

RECOMMEND MODS: (no health regen, makes survival more difficult) (makes armor only protect body and headshots deadly)

I recommend those as they make the survivals more fun!

CREDITS: JustDancePC for making this amazing mod

Now enjoy causing havoc with these new and improved survivals!
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