After Hours Garages (SPG) 1.2


In July, 24, 2018, Tony Prince arrived in Los Santos, bringing a lot of opportunities of career for all citizens from this city, and fun, very very very fun, through the nightclubs.
Now, Tony Prince brings the Nightclub's garages to the SinglePlayer Mode for all citizens from this other side from the city, the SinglePlayer side.


This mod allows everyone, that plays on SinglePlayer Mode, buy storage garages from the Nightclub, where you gonna have four underground storage garages, where you'll can save up to 40 cars, undermeath West Vinewood Neighborhood, near Vinewood Boulevard.

Required Mod to use that:

SinglePlayer Garage:

Optional Mods:

After Hours SP:

Istallation Instructions on the txt file.
Updates will coming soon to fix some bugs.

Initial Release.


Bugfix in PurchaseGarageCutscenePoints. Now, always that the player buy his garage, a cutscene will be played.

ManageGaragePoint repositioned beside the workshop tools box. So, alway that you load the nightclub garage with simple trainer, and also load the workshop, the ManageGaragePoint will be there beside it, to give more realism to the mod.
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