yucca motel grand reopening [Menyoo] 1.0


I always felt sad when I passed the yucca motel and it was not there anymore...
So I got some investors together and together we build the most modern motel you have ever seen.
For your entertainment we installed 2 SLAPPER tm in the streets. One slpas the cars into the water the other into the hills. You find the place marked with a chair, so you can enjoy the show in confort.

As with all olo mods, you can remove every prop by changing the line OpacityLevel 255 to OpacityLevel 007
just look for the prop you want to make disappear
it looks something like that:
HashName Rabbit HashName
a few lines below you find the line with: OpacityLevel
hint: in some mods are invisilbe props, look for 007 and change to 255.
hint, hint: there is a reason they are hidden!

If you want to change anything in a maps setting, just remove it via spooner and save it as a new file.

Requires Menyoo PC

Open the olo... zip and paste the xml file to this directory:
Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Spooner
You can do this during game pause (no need to restart)
Open Menyoo
Object Spooner
Manage Saved Files
select galaxy
Load Placement
grab something to drink and enjoy the show (p.s. I left a couple chairs on the roof top for you...)

P.S. if you need a safe house the water under the first disks is perfect to escape even a level 5 manhunt
as always, thank you for choosing olo.
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