Working presidential convoy with closed roads 2.0


you can have fun by trying to kill the president of L.S!
how to spawn the convoy?
by using menyoo! Go to spooner and spawn "president-escort"
how to activate convoy? simple follow the EASY steps

1) Open menyoo
2) press F9
3) Go to "Edit Multiple Entities Simultaneously"
4) select all
5) Press backspace
6) press "Start Task Sequences"

2.0 update:
1)bigger convoy+more protection+air support.
2)better working convoy.
3)LSPD peds around the city+many new map details.

Wanna see updated version of this with lots of peds on the streets? Support my job by donating what ever you can! :)

Give me your Ideas on my instagram vaggelis_2k

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