VillaBanyanDr 1.0


Villa Banyan Dr.
Design by IamMistaWolf

For the newly accomplished executive, entrepreneur, entertainer or recent divorce beneficiary, Infinity Group presents the newly refurbished and remodeled 'Villa Banyan Drive'!

A tasteful, yet comfortable and fully functioning home or rental getaway, Villa Banyan Drive offers a modern an somewhat spaceous villa complete with 1 full bedroom, 1 full bathroom with shower, a full kitchen, dining room/office, a roomy living room and an enclosed sun deck/laundry room. Also included is a private garden area, two covered patio blocks for lounging and barbecuing, a mid-size swimming pool and a helipad! A full secured carport large enough to fit 2 full-sized vehicles and up to 4 motorcycles lies at the end of long private driveway. Improvements for greater privacy have been added with high walls and trees. All exterior gates can be locked to prevent unwanted entry to the home should intruders attempt to break in. A new alarm system has also been added for further security. Those looking to buy or rent Villa Banyan Drive' should contact Infinity Group at our offices in the Maze Tower in downtown Los Santos.

OIV (optional-recommended)

Simply drop the Villa Banyan Dr XML into Menyoo's 'Menyoo Stuff/Spooner' folder to install the map. To permanently remove unwanted vanilla spawned props, open the 'Ymap' folder and then the 'Altered' folder. Copy the two ymaps and using OIV in 'Edit Mode', place the two .ymap files here:


Known Bugs:


Note: All gates, the doors to the bedroom, bathroom and exterior sundeck/laundry room are functional. all others have teleports. Just walk up to them and your out.

The entry hallway and bedroom are AI friendly. Bodyguards may enter the hallway via teleport, but don't count on it. The Villa interior space and bathroom are not AI friendly. You'll need to manually place them with scenario/animation.

If after loading, certain props are missing in the laundry room, Living Room and Kitchen these are vres props. Simply remove the database in Spooner be closer to the area or on site then reload the map. They will spawn in then.

Vehicles are not included.

As always, please DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AND REUPLOAD THIS MOD CLAIMING IT AS YOUR OWN WORK! Also, please give me credit when using this mod in any videos, online presentations or photos for online or print showcase.

Hope you enjoy the mod!

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