USAF Island [Menyoo / Map Editor]


Thought I'd add an island around my previous map so people without Lakeside could use it. The map is not that FPS heavy as I have decided not to include peds as i dont feel they bring much to maps anyway.
The installation is in the download but you will NEED to have downloaded:

Map editor:



GTA Object Spawn unlocker: (I have included what you need already in the download, as only 1.0 version of Object Spawn Unlocker works to avoid confusion) (Dont need if using menyoo)

Custom Props:

And not needed but highly recommended is Panico Totals USAF pack: as all the aircraft are from that pack.

Also I have also added trainer support for the USAF pack if needed:

If you have any suggestions on what to do next, or what to improve on this map please let me know.
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