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This is a mod that adds in a whole lot of new things to Trevors Trailers. This is my second mod that adds in things to the game. I will be making more of these at Michaels house and I will upload them here

It adds:
(Inside) You will see less rubbish on the floor but there will still be some as I couldnt remove everything
(Inside) I added a new sofa for Trevor. (Screenshot 4)
(Outside) There is a sitting area for you to watch TV. (Screenshot 3)
(Garage) At the end of the garage, I added a Bed for Trevor to sleep in seeing as his room is now revamped. (Screenshot 2)
(Inside) Replaced Trevors Bed with a Desk for the Computer (Screenshot 1)
(Garage) Moved Trevors Bed into the Garage (Screenshot 2)

- Install Latest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet;
- Install the newest version of Map Editor from Guadmaz:
- Create a folder called "AutoloadMaps" in "Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\"
-Put my XML file in the "AutoloadMaps" folder
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