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Welcome to my new Map Modification called "The Mansion".

This Mansion is so big that you can start a Plane from the Roof.:)

I recommend to you to install it with the Map Editor first, because its 100% stable. It works with YMAP too, but sometimes the Objects are invisible and you have to teleport to another Location of the Map and then teleport back to the mansion and it´s possible that some objects are not perfectly in position, i don´t know why, maybe the file is too big and i have to split it in parts.

Use the xml. file for the Map Editor to explore this huge Map the first time without any issues and enjoy. You can later try to install it via YMAP. I´ll try to fix the instable YMAP File later.


ymap works now.:)

The second floor is still empty and under construction. More to come.:)

Make sure you have all the necessary Requirements installed, before you start the game.

You need the MapBuilder and the Map Editor, because without those amazing Mods it´s not possible to load the Map and you need to install OpenIV of course.

The Mansion:

-Fire Place
-Living Room
-Tuning and a normal Garage
-Aqua Paradise with a usable Swimming Pool and much more.
-2 Helipads

and much more.

Version 1.1

currently 1369 Props; 8 Vehicles; 13 Peds

-Extra Peds, Vehicles and Animals added(Hooker/Tracy,Shamal on the Roof and Hydra, Shark and Humpack)
-Chop the Watchdog added.
-Replaced the Garagegate at the Entrance with a better one.
-A stair builded to the second floor
-Two new rooms available on the second floor(Fitness Room with a Chill Area above and a new and stylish Livingroom, with a large Fireplace)
-Many Doors added.(For Example:The Bathroom and the Bunker are now closed) It´s better for immersion.
-A huge Terrace builded on the second floor
-Superyacht added
-Marina rebuilded
-The Tuning Garage has now a more beautiful and stylish floor.(plus a Mechanic and a Vehicle in it)

and much more...i can´t show you always all the changes and new Rooms etc, because this Mansion is just too big and we can only upload 18 Pics on gta5-mods.^^
The second floor is still under construction so stay tuned for Updates in the near future. The first and the last seven screens shows Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Limit of the Props reached.

Whats new?

-A private Beach(first Screen)
-VIP Chill out Lounge
-Weed Room
-New Rooms created and older ones changed or finished
-Fixed some Objects not on the right place
-a secret Chill Out Area created
-more extra Peds added
and much more...

Version 1.3

- a working ymap version added!:)
-replaced the white wall not showing in ymap with a working object
-new Rooms created and old ones completely or partially redesigned(Bathroom,Living Room etc.)
-a PC & Music Studio added
-slight changes made in the Weed Room
-a second Kitchen on the second floor added
-more Props added(second ymap file)
-a second living room added with a nice fireplace too
-a brandnew Bridge to the Island builded

and much more...

The best thing about this Version is that you can now install it like it was a part of the game via ymap. YMAP is very fps friendly and the game loads faster than with the ME, but you don´t have extra peds or vehicles. I will try to add them later. The second best thing are the many new Rooms your able to explore now.:) Stay tuned for the next Updates.

YMAP Install with OpenIV: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\custom_maps\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\_citye\maps\custom_maps.rpf\

Map Editor: Scripts/AutoloadMaps
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