The House of the Damned 1.0.3



Mama is angry.

.Download Menyoo here:
.Install Script Hook, Script Hook Dot Net and Menyoo
.Extract menyooStuff to your GTA V directory
.Start the game, teleport to o'neills farm, then change the time to night and use the EMP mode (blackout), after doing this you can load the mod by press F8 two times to open Menyoo and load the mod at object spooner/Manage saved files section.
.To play the new version of the mod The Bakers Join the Party ver.:1.1 you need to install the Jack Baker Addon-Ped by MAESTRE: Don't change the file name, it has to be "baker". This new version is in
BETA for testing, if you had any problems while playing let me know so I can try to fix the issues.

If you don't teleport to o'neills farm you will fall under the map.

Version 1.1
.Added the Bakers Join the Party Beta mode for testing

Version 1.0.1
.Added new events

Version 1.0
.Initial release

If you enjoy my mod and/or make a video, please share the link of my mod.

Please report if you find any bug.
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