Stadium expansion for Monaco GP (Stade Sclessin) 1.0


*GTA V Sclessin soccer stadium for Monaco GP by GTA BELGIUM*

Stadium in real life:

On the square located at my Monaco GP mod,
I am releasing together with this mod an optional extension for Monaco GP:


This Belgian soccer/football (whatever you want to call it) stadium is located on the square coming with Monaco GP. It's the stadium from my personal favorite team Standard Liège (next to Olympique Marseille).

It's my third stadium converted to GTA 5, after Orange Vélodrome Marseille, and Luzhniki included in Dubai Islands.
I have always had a passion for stadiums.
Though it may look a little 'pointless' because it's not like a race track or something,
I feel like it's still a nice addition to the game.

This stadium was once a school project, created in 3dsMax from scratch, rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
I wanted to make my own 3D creation more alive. A GTA 5 mod is perfect for that.
You can say, this is a school project gone out of control...

To get Monaco GP mod, just go to and search for Monaco Grand Prix, or browse my files. The reason i release this SEPARATELY is because the stadium is very detailed, and is not recommended for gamers using low settings or with a low-end PC. While Monaco Grand Prix is rather friendly for low-end PC's.

The main reason why this stadium is NOT for low end PC's, is because it contains around 30.000 3D seats...
Yes, I am planning to make a low-end version of this stadium mod, with way less detailed seats.
But that might take some time.

3D Models are locked because they were created by me, and they are detailed. I might release this later on
websites where you are able to buy it, in .max format.


- Ymap GTA 5 props
- Spawning Vehicles
- 3D grass on field
- Lighting when it's night
- Interior of stadium (a little less detailed)
- Easter eggs

In the trailer mentioned above, a custom ped model was used: Guillermo 'Memo' Ochoa. (Standard Liège gk)
I may release that later, along with Jelle Van Damme,
former player of Standard Liège and used in previous trailer.


Install the files with OpenIV (
If you can't work with OpenIV, search for tutorials on youtube,
there are a lot of good tutorials.

- In update/x64/dlcpacks create the folder 'sclessin' and paste the dlc.rpf
(located in this download: sclessin folder)
- In update/update.rpf-common-data edit the file dlclist.xml:
Search for the last 'dlcpacks:\...\' and paste this new dlc code line after it:



Special thanks to:

- 3D artist teachers on Syntra AB (Belgium)
- 3Doomer (GIMS EVO)
- Neodymium (Metatool)
- indirivacua (Cords2YMAP)
- Neos7 (Maphelper Maxscript)
- sollaholla (ME2YM)



Please, for God's sake, if you make videos on mods and you earn money with it, the least you do is giving credit to the creator of the mod, and putting the link in the description.
I can not count how many people I see creating videos and earning money with it, without even telling the name of the creator in the video, as if it's their own mod.

Yes I am very glad people make videos on my mods, please don't get me wrong. But the reason I say this,
is because I feel the original creators are left behind in comparison to some YouTubers with thousands of subscribers. They earn money with it, without giving credit.
And I don't care about getting money for this myself. But it's the principle.


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