SSPD Exterior Design [Menyoo] v1.1

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Welcome to the SSPD Exterior map.
This is a quick map I made with Menyoo.


Go into the Map File folder then drag and drop the provided
"SSPD Exterior.xml" file into:

GTAV Directory > menyooStuff > Spooner

Launch into the game and then load the map, and you're done! Enjoy!

I may work on this in the future. As of right now I am dealing with being
Covid-19 positive until the 30th of August. After my isolation is done, I
may work on some more maps for you guys or improve on my current
ones already provided.

Changelog v1.1 :

- Added more lights
- Fixed tree placement
- Added poles to the front
- Added bushes with street lights in front of them
- Added a wall to the side of SSPD with some street lights
- Removed front trees

This map adds on several props to the SSPD Exterior from trees to street lights
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