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Secluded Cove
Design by IamMistahWolf

Now that Cayo Perico is open for business with mainland San Andreas, wouldn't it be nice to have a conveniently placed seaside retreat to recieve and distribute goods and services coming from the impoverished island? For those with the humanitarian bent looking to assist Cayo Perico's trade efforts, Infinity Group has just the place located in a Secluded Cove on the San Andreas Southeast Coast!

Nestled within the Secluded Cove is a luxury, but practical retreat far from prying eyes and difficult to reach by land. A spacious living, working and dining area is but a few steps from the helipad. Connecting the first area to the exquisite Master Bedroom and private living area is a covered patio suitable for sunbathing and improptu barbecues!

Above the living areas is the roof complete with rooftop lounge suitable for those negotiations with a more festive atmosphere! Below the living areas is the garage equipped with a laundry and workout area complete with free weights and martial arts training gear. Below the garage is the secure storage space to hold those critical items of trade the citizens of Cayo Perico and San Andreans eagerly await distribution. There is also a hangar deck for seaplanes that also gives access to covert submersible vehicles!

Available for purchase or rent, contact your local Infinity Group Representative today and make the Secluded Cove your hub of humanitarian efforts!

Map Builder 2.3.3
Map Builder Discovery

Simply drop the Secluded Cove XML into Menyoo's 'Menyoo Stuff/Spooner' folder.

Known Bugs:
Be reasonably close to the spawn site as sometimes the moving gates exiting the garage to the hangar deck may not spawn in properly.

There is an 'easier' overland route to the Secluded Cove. You will need an offroad vehicle to get there. Have fun finding it! Also, there is a lighted underwater approach to the Cove making it easier for submerisible cars to access the entrance more easily.

Vehicles Not Included

As always, please DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AND REUPLOAD THIS MOD CLAIMING IT AS YOUR OWN WORK! Also do give me credid when using this mod in any videos, online presentations, photos online or in print. Lastly, please link the mod to 5Mods, Discord or any other online outlet bearing the 'IamMistahWolf' brand.

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