Sandy Shores Desert City Map (SP/Fivem) v1


I created this map some time ago for my own use, but I no longer need it, and it’s just gathering dust on my hard drive. So, I thought maybe someone else could find it useful. The map is located in Sandy Shores. It’s not incredibly elaborate, but it’s not small either. You can practically enter every building; it has a lot of details but probably also a few errors. I don’t rule out that I might improve it someday. Have fun


1. Put mr2 folder here \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2. Open dlclist.xml and add dlcpacks:/mr2/ after the last line and save it

1. unzip folder
2. Put mr2 into your scripts folder
3. Open your server.cfg and write there ,,start mr2"
4. Start your server
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