Realistic(-ish) carrier configuration [Menyoo] 0.9

Cf308b rsz outisde2
Cf308b rsz outisde1
Cf308b rsz aggressor
Cf308b rsz rogue
Cf308b rsz inside1
Cf308b rsz inside2


Realisitc configuration for the aircraft carrier. It isn't 100% but there are no naval aircraft in GTA 5 vanilla soooo.... Let your imagination flow!

Requires Menyoo


a bunch of P-996 Lazers
a lot of Mammoth Hydra/Vulkans
1x Nagasaki Attack Buzzard (below deck)
1x Annihilator
1x Valkyrie
3x Pyros
1x Rogue
1x V-65 Molotok (one of those "aggressor" planes meant for training)

NO peds at the moment.
Future Updates may include:

install path:

Grand Theft Auto V\MenyooStuff\spooner\
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