Pink Cage motel pool removed [SP | FiveM | RageMP] 1.0 - Release

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Hey fellow modders! There are not a lot of mods dedicated to changing pinkcage motel , though this place is somewhat popular throughout most RP servers, so I decided to change it a bit to make this area feel more fresh to people. Enjoy!

! You can freely use, modify and improve any of the files given. Reselling the work is strictly prohibited, saying that you are the author of the mod is prohibited too !

1.1 - slight impovements and Alt:V support.

The mod will work on:
-FiveM (drag and drop FiveM folder from .zip)
-RageMP (drag and drop RageMP folder from .zip)
-Alt:V (same files as on FiveM/RageMP, I just don't know how to stream those to that platform)
-Singleplayer (drag and drop dlc.rpf from singleplayer folder to your mods folder)
The full installation guide for each platform is inside README.txt file

- Codewalker (dexyfex)
- Tobiii's discord and youtube channels.

I appreciate you using my work! You can freely use it and improve it at your taste.
-Feel free to join my RU/EN discord server and don't be shy:
-Follow me on youtube:

$ is expensive to my currency, so, if you like and use my work, donating even one will mean a lot to me. The following PAYPAL is valid at any point in time:

Thanks Zap-Hosting for making open source mods possible for creators like me!
In case you want to rent you own FiveM server:
Promo: Desertosss-9280
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 1.1 - slight improvements

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Selasa, 14 Desember 2021

 1.0 - Release (current)

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Senin, 09 Agustus 2021

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