Office+garage and parking [Menyoo] 1.1


Hello everyone I am a novice builder in GTA 5 ,this is my first mod.
The cars that are present in the screenshots have been removed from the file.
For instalation you need:

1 - Copy "Office 1.0 (office&garage).xml" to "Grand Theft Auto V - menyooStuff - Spooner"

2 - In game open the menu go to objectSpooner then manage the saved files click on the Office 1.0 (office&garage) file

File added
-the building has been radically redesigned
- the interior of the building has been redesigned
- added interactive buildings
- landscaping has been done
- added an interactive bank building / branch
- parking at the office has been removed
- an underground parking lot has been made
- ground parking, but not at the office, at one of the houses.

-to work correctly, you need to install:
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