Military Zombie Base [Menyoo] V1.4



Post-apocalyptic Military Base in Los Santos, rate and comment if you like it please i worked hard on it , feed back will be much appreciated.

Give it a try there are much more to see apart from photos
Night view is also nice
Realistic Ped environment
4 Different ways to enter - ( 1 Hint, u can break down the entrance door but avoid hitting the guard )

Do NOT reupload this without my permission

Download and Install Menyoo
Download - Extract and place the file in your Game directory Menyoo Spooner folder
F8 -> Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> basev1.2.xml -> Load Placements
Enjoy ! :)

Follow for updates, i got some prop space till 2k limit and i will try to make ped environment more detailed and complex. Ur ideas will be welcomed also !

V1.1 Log
Phantom Wedge added and its ''way out''
5 props placed more precisely
Fixed reactions of 2 peds

V1.2 Log
New Helipad with Valkyre and 4 live peds
Props added around
Teleport up and down
Entrance guard tower enchanted
Some props placed more precisely

V1.3 Log
Remade phantom wedge into a heavy armed post apocalyptic truck

V1.4 Log
Ped's stats decreased because it was really difficult to take them down
More props added around
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