Military + Merryweather Airfield Deal [Map Editor]


Merryweather is purchasing a plethora of ex-military vehicles - everything from Lazers to a Rihno tank. Intercept the deal, steal the cash and get away in an Insurgent taken from Merryweather with some crew members or fly off to your own airstrip in a Lazer. However, it won't be easy. The airfield is crawling with Merryweather and the US military, and everyone is heavily armed.

MWAirfieldDealA.xml has aggressive peds
MWAirfieldDealP.xml has passive peds (will not shoot until you shoot)


1. Extract the .zip file you downloaded

2. Place the .xml file in your game directory

3. Go in-game, and open the map editor menu (Default key is F7)

4. Select load map, hit enter and type in the name of the .xml file that is now in your game directory

5. Go to the marked location and start!

6. Optional - Spawn in bodyguards with Enhanced Native trainer or a similar mod to assist you with your mission

Have fun! Please comment any future mod ideas.
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