Hard Ramp Challenge

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Hello everyone today I have prepared 2 folrida.Better to go without the ability of Franklin to at least interest in the map.
installation :
1- extract the HardRampa.rar
2- place the file objects.ini in the main folder of gta v (where GTA5 (launcher) .exe)
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Grand Theft Auto V (if you have the original steam gta v)

3-mod download Simple Trainer 2.9 from sjaak327 (you can use another mod to open the .ini file as a map editor or Menyoo)
4-pressing F3 you will open the simple trainer, select object spawning
5-select SAVE / LOAD Objects from objects.ini
6-select search for ini files in v's main directory
7-select HardRampa.ini
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