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LEGAL:The 3D region scanned content belongs to Google and its respective holders, I have no involvement in 3D scanning of the video-featured satellite imagery depicted in the game nor it's released counterpart.

Google Maps Zagreb V is a Google Maps 3D scan extraction of a region batch based on satelite imagery and an import into Grand Theft Auto V for initial testing of experimental purposes.

Map was converted using Blender 3D, addons of Maps Models Importer by Ellie Michel and BlenderGIS, RenderDoc, Autodesk 3ds Max 2016, CodeWalker, OpenMapTools - by dexyfex, OpenIV - by GooDNTS

Map is added as a DLC pack - the recommended prerequisites with installation general procedures are listed as follows:

Download and install:

Place the bundled file googlemapszg in dlcpacks folder inside update.
To install, input the files according to folder name and their relative paths using OpenIV.
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