Galaxy Garage [MapEditor] 1.2

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As a car enthusiast we build a lot of cars and with a lot of cars comes space to store those cars. After searching far and wide for a decent garage that can satisfy my storing needs, i decided to build my own.

Introducing Galaxy Garage, the high end quality place to store all your precious builds in one place without losing it or parking it on the street or shoving on a small driveway cause the garage is full.

- Activate TV's with your trainer -
Simple Trainer - Teleports > Other Teleports > Enable TV

- 50 plus parking spots with overhead storage area
- 4 repair booths
- 1 body mod area
- Bright spray booth to really get the color you want (Set time to EVENING)
- tow truck storage garage attached
- Roof access with Helipad
- An amazing view!!!

Persistence MOD - to save your cars (recommended)
Map Editor - Latest Version
Map Builder - Latest Version
Script hook V & - Latest Version

- Place XML in your AUTOLOADMAPS folder or place it in the main GTA folder and load it through MAP EDITOR

***CHANGE Notes v1.1 ***

- Updated entrance ramp
- Updated garage door
- Updated and added new floors
- Added new plants
***CHANGE Notes v1.2 ***

- Fixed some props around the garage to improve symmetry
- Cleaned up the random props around the map

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