Families District Gang [YMAP / XML]


-by zaforr-
discord = zaforr3700

Hi everyone, now we are here for the families district I hope you're gonna like it (next is vagos)

Map : update of district families


FiveM installation;
-Install the file from 5mods and open it with winrar or any other program that makes you able to unzip it.
-Unzip the file and drag it to your desktop
-You can delete the text document if you don’t want it
-The file “YMAP” contains a stream folder with the ymaps in and a resource to be faster to add to your server; so you need to drag the “familiesbyzaforr” file to your server map folder
-If you want, just add the line “ensure familiesbyzaforr” to your server.cfg to open it by itself

SinglePlayer installation;
-Install from here and only extract the “familiesbyzaforr” ymap file to your desktop
-Download OpenIV, if you don’t have it;
-After the app is open, make sure to click on edit mode to be able to drag your files
-Go to update-x64 -dlcpacks-custom_maps-dlc.rpf-x64-levels-gta5-citye-maps- custom_maps.rpf
-When you are there, just drag the ymap file in there and you’re done!
(I also added the xml file for you if you want to use it with the menyoo, for example)
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