Even More Destroyed Hospital [Map Editor]


My Second Map "Mod"!
This is the Pillsbury Hills Hospital. *SPOILERS AHEAD*
This map was made using Map Editor, and takes place in the Pillsbury Hills Hospital, Do you remember when Trevor drove through that hospital to catch the celebrity? The hospital was destroyed, and with this mod, it can be even more destroyed. This map makes that wrecked hospital look even worse. Tons of dirt, electric sparks, broken beds, tons of boxes, and even a crashed helicopter, which is why the POLICE have decided that its an unsafe zone. I hope you enjoy my map!
The Installation is in the ReadMe when you download the file, but if you want...

1. Install ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, Open All Interiors, and Map Editor
2. Drag Hospital01 into your game file directory
3. Open Grand Theft Auto V
4. Press f7 to open Map Editor and press "Load File"
5. Type "Hospital01", then press enter
6. Go to the location in the pictures folder and enjoy!
1.0: Release
Known Issues:
-Required Open All Interiors.
-One Cop sometimes spawns over another
Mods recommended with it:
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