Devin Weston's Downtown Penthouse 1.2


Update 1.2 - Fixed a small glitch in the cinema.

Update 1.1 - Added and changed several items.

Features Include:
- Stunning panoramic views
- rooftop garden
- basketball court
- 6 bedrooms
- walk-in wardrobes
- strip club
- underground parking
- cinema
- heist planning room
- vault
- conference room
- gym

You need "Map Editor" and "Menyoo" and "Open All Interiors" installed.
Use Map Editor. Load "dwph2" then "ddd". DO NOT "Enter" map editor, just load it in game and you will be teleported to the location.
When both files have loaded you will be teleported to the underground garage from where you can access the penthouse. Use the lifts to teleport between the floors.

There's over 1900 objects so slower PCs may struggle.

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