Cuberoom - Showroom 1.0 SP & 5M

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These rooms are separate, if you want some better lighting change your weather to foggy and you will see some ambient lighting.
If you don't want the lights placed on the floor to have an empty room, just remove the "Cuberoom Props.ymap" file

This is not my creation, all credits go to original creators.
Find them here:

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- First release


How to Install:
1.Open OpenIV & 'Enable Edit Mode'.

2.Drag & Drop The 'depzicuberoom' Folder into your DLCPACKS folder.

3.Go to this file: 'GTA5/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml'
Right click on 'dlclist.xml' Select 'Edit'.
Now Add the Line to the bottom of the list.


You are expected to move the map if you need. Saves you putting it in your server and its inside another map then have to move it again. I'm saving you time.

Move it with this tool:

Find the map ingame here:
x= 0
y= 0
z= 0
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