Construction Site Assassination [Map Editor]


Your goal is to infiltrate a Construction Site in Downtown Los Santos. Your target is Huang Yuhan a big condo developer from china he is currently overlooking one of his buildings hes developing and you assassinate him and shut down his project for good. Infiltrating the Construction Site will be a task since Huang hired Professinal security and they will shoot you if you get in their sight so be careful and you want to try to avoid the guards as much as you can or go in loud. Someone else in the area is trying to assassinate him and hes on a crane killing him will grant a small bonus it is up to you if you want the assassin dead. Also you can kill Huang by shooting the crate hanging above him to make it look like a accident.

Place the constructionsiteassassination.xml in your maps folder in your GTA5 folder and you are good to go!

I Recommend you Download Maximum Wanted Level/Never Wanted when you play this map or turn on the Never Wanted Button in Native Trainer.
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