Airport Racing Track


This is the first time that I made a map.
Primarily,you need the Map Editor.
Download the .zip file.
Drop the momorace.xml in your GTA Main Folder.
Press F7 to the menu of the Map Editor in game,-> Load Map -> input "momorace" or FILE CHOOSER.
Have some fun!

This track is in LS airport,most planes can fly and land normally.
There are many lights on the track so you could racing day and night.
I also made many bends to increase more driving pleasure.

Here is a video that I drove on the track,not a good driver.

使用方法:安装MAP EDITOR,下载.zip文件,解压缩,把.xml文件放在游戏根目录,进入游戏按F7进入MAP EDITOR,选LOAD MAP,选xml,输入“momorace",回车。
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