Ripplers Realism 3.1 UPDATED [OIV] 3.1.1

3939aa ripplers realism 3.1 updated


This is an updated version of Ripplers Realism 3.1
I've just added missing lines in each files of original mod for up-to-date with last patch v1.0.1604.1
The Mod is "untouched" but now updated.

As for now, available in 2 versions : *.OIV Package and Manual install

Changelog :
results.meta (updated)

vehiclelayouts.meta (updated)
weaponcomponents.meta (updated)
weapons.meta (updated)

weaponrevolver.meta (updated)

weaponsnspistol.meta (updated)

weaponcomponents.meta (updated)
weaponspecialcarbine.meta (updated)

weaponbullpuprifle.meta (updated)

weaponmusket.meta (updated)

weaponheavyshotgun.meta (updated)
weaponmarksmanrifle.meta (updated)

weaponmarksmanpistol.meta (updated)

weapongusenberg.meta (updated)

In addition, all "Optional Files" are also up-to-date, don't worry.

Full Credits by Author of original mod : Rippler

Profil :

Edit by Reyser: This upload is authorized since he asked the original Ripplers Realism author to update it himself but got no answer after 7 days. Read the following topic to know why: Updated author rules and regulations
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