Unmarked Mercedes CLS 1.0


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I know the model has some minor bugs, but the author says "don't bitch about it" and that's what I'm saying too. If you don't lik
I present to you: An Unmarked Mercedes CLS. I just felt like making it to fit my needs
Mercedes CLS:
Model By:
Wheels By: GloriusModding
Converted To GTA 5: GloriusModding
Edits By GloriusModding
plate's By: Rockstar Games
Whelen Tir3:
Generic Light Pack (dash and rear deck):
Additional lights:
Model By:
Converted to emergency lights By: BEModsV

More credits in the download
You're free to use the model in whatever video, if you provide a link to the mod in the description


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Added Red-blue lights
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